5 Mentors Every Entrepreneur Should Have

Being an entrepreneur sometimes requires leaping head first into the unknown

Life-long entrepreneurs love new challenges and living their lives in a constant growth phase. One of the common resources an entrepreneur turns to is a mentor. Asking for advice and bouncing ideas off of others is essential to the success of an entrepreneur’s journey. Here are the five types of mentors that every entrepreneur can benefit from, and should have.


1 – A friend that knew you before you started your own business.
Perhaps no voice matters more than the one that knew you before you had a startup. They knew you when all this was just a dream, or when you didn’t even know what a startup was. They can speak to your roots and ground you when you get lost in the startup haze. They are also the ones who will remind you that you need to slow down, and to live life. No entrepreneur should ever lose sight of that.

2. A person with your similar skill set.
Having regular coffee dates or Skype chats with people who are in your similar phase of growth can lead to valuable relationships. They will act as a support group to bounce questions and decisions off of, and will be there when things fall through and when big breakthroughs happen.

3. A colleague you don’t love working with.
One of the biggest challenges that face any entrepreneur is justifying what you want to do and why it’s going to disrupt the status quo — whether it be to investors, future co-founders, team members, the press or others. It helps if you’re good at talking to just about anyone. Fine tune your ability to take feedback and get good at turning it into positive results. There is no quicker way to do this than to push forward with a relationship that isn’t particularly enjoyable or easy at first.

4. A person with the exact opposite skill set than yours.
Seek out a mentor who is most unlike yourself. Have coffee with product managers, and tech leads or have standing chats with your office manager—you may not know much about any of their roles or skills, but you will know more than you did before you chatted with them.

5. A person who always knew you’d be an entrepreneur.
Meet often with someone who knows you as “your entrepreneurial self” and not in any other way. They are likely the ones to say “you got this”–even when you doubt it yourself. That person can’t imagine you ever taking the safe option or quitting.