Customer Profiling - What It Is and Why It Matters SPECIAL GUEST BLOG

If you don’t have an accurate image of your customers, your business will struggle.


Customers are the lifeblood of every business, be that in the business to business market or business to consumer market. In order to build up an accurate image of your customer , you must create  a ‘customer profile’. Customer profiling is an crucial step for any business hoping to increase profitability and success in today’s world. It is no longer enough to cross your fingers and hope the right buyers walk through the door. You have to do some of the work yourself.

How Does Customer Profiling Work?

Profiling can take on several different forms, depending on the format in question and the market segment in which your business is located. For instance, in a traditional retail situation, building a customer profile would involve gathering information about your customers that included things like; age, sex, where they lived, their income, the number of people in their household and other metrics. However, in this digital age, it’s been taken much farther.

An excellent example of customer profiling can be drawn fromamazon-logo Amazon. The internet giant goes to immense lengths to build profiles for every customer that crosses their digital threshold, but does so in a subtle way. For example, when you make a purchase from Amazon, the website records that purchase. When you search for specific products, Amazon retains that information. Virtually every action you take on the website is recorded, stored and analysed. But why? It does so to market to you accurately, and offer products and services that you’re more likely to purchase because you’ve shown previous interest.

The entire point here is to build a relationship with you, the customer. It ensures that the company doing the profiling can offer you something of value, specific to you. Essentially, profile building is a form of information gathering for use in direct marketing.

By targeting customers who have shown interest in specific items or made similar purchases, a company can increase sales and profitability, but also forge a stronger connection with the customer. By including the offer of specifically targeted incentives and by providing direct value, they can help customers find exactly what want.

How Does Customer Profiling Benefit Your Business?

Customer profiling is valuable to any business today. It’s the only sure way to really know your customers. If you don’t know your customers, you’re “flying blind”. Building customer profiles ensures that you are able to reach your audience with offers and incentives that have immediate, significant value to them personally. Rather than broad-spectrum marketing, you’re able to promote with pinpoint precision. That’s something that any budget-conscious business owner can appreciate.

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