Digital Marketing- Doing It Right for Your Business

It’s the new catchphrase it seems.

Traditional advertising has lost a great deal of importance, and more companies than ever before are focusing on the virtual world. The Internet offers a wealth of marketing opportunities that can provide significantly greater return on investment than anything within the world of traditional advertising, but it’s tricky. You may ask yourself questions like; ‘How do I ensure that I’m doing it right?’ or  ‘What should companies be doing today?’. To answer these questions, we will look at a number of different areas.

Knowing Where Your Audience Livessocial-media-seo11

Whether you represent a dairy, a traditional textiles manufacturer or some other firm, the most important thing to do is determine exactly where your audience lives in the online world. This can be harder than you can imagine. Are they on Facebook? Are they on Twitter? Perhaps they’re on LinkedIn, or over on Google Plus. However, the odds are that your audience isn’t confined to a single social media platform. There are a variety of things that you should be doing in order to reach them to maximise your digital marketing return on investment.

What You’re Neglecting

Many businesses today focus almost exclusively on social media marketing at the expense of other options. While social media is very important, you cannot afford to neglect other methods like email marketing or blogging. Essentially, you need to turn your social media followers from connections to actual leads that benefit your business. It is important to ensure you are not neglecting some elements of your social media marketing.

Valuable Content

Perhaps the most important rule of digital marketing is that you need to share content that offers your audience something of real value. That applies to all forms of online marketing; from Facebook to Twitter to your company’s blog. In order to achieve that goal, you need to know what your audience finds valuable and useful. And don’t assume this pertains to only your own products or services. You need to go above and beyond in providing value that coincides with what your company offers, but doesn’t centre on them entirely.


Social media is not a one-way street. You cannot approach it as you would traditional marketing. You need to post content that offers value to your audience, but you also have to engage with them. If you succeed in sharing interesting, valuable content, your connections will reward you by commenting on your posts and sharing the information in their own feeds. Don’t squander that reward. Reply to their comments, thank them for their shares and strive to engage with them on a person-to-person basis.

Driving Traffic

If you’re using your blog or social media accounts merely for interaction and to broadcast your marketing message, you’re doing things wrong.

The point of these outlets should be to drive traffic to your company’s website, online store or other primary online hub. The goal here is to convert those contacts into real leads, and not just informational leads either. Your goal should be encouraging your audience to let you contact them in the most direct method possible. Whether you do that through an opt-in form or some other means, it’s vital that you lock in your leads this way.

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