For over 20 years, AB Converters has been a recognized name amongst Irish packaging companies, building their early successes in the industry into a successful and progressive business. Today, they service everyone from small retailers to large multinational chains, competing toe-to-toe with some of the largest packaging groups around the world. Managing Director Dermot Brady believes a large part of their rapid growth stems from innovation and a forward-looking focus which has the company continuously reinvesting profits into new and better technology. “Our manufacturing operation in County Wicklow is equipped with state of the art packaging technologies,” Brady says, “And our emphasis on new technology attracts the most talented and enthusiastic problem solvers in the industry.” Success in a dynamically changing industry, and particularly in a company that captures such a wide range of clients, might have been difficult if it hadn’t been for a relationship developed with Since 2009, Brady has worked with Mentor Tony Ritchie, to bring the company to a level of unparalleled agility in the marketplace. “Growth possibility with was simply one of the best things our company has done to-date,” Brady says, “A very effective way of gaining a knowledge level that we could otherwise not have afforded.” Ritchie has helped Brady develop a strategy of expansion that it geared towards sustainable, long term growth, both domestically and internationally. Taking the principles of success from the company’s history, Ritchie encouraged Brady to make the leap to foreign markets, bringing a trusted name and innovation to small and large companies abroad. “Many domestic companies fear moving into larger markets,” says Ritchie, “And yet it was clear from AB Converters history that they had a winning proposition for clients; they simply needed experienced guidance to fast track them to greater profits and to avoid the pitfalls that cause so many other businesses to fail in expansion.” The growth strategy, which included both internal expansion and acquisition of prior competitors, has positioned AB Converters to deliver high quality products at competitive prices around the world, and lead to revenues of over €30 MM. About Tony Ritchie A fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Tony has extensive experience as both Non-Executive Director and Chairman with a number of Ireland’s leading companies and possesses broad business experience across a range of areas including; General Management, Finance, Mergers & Acquisition, Business Strategy and IT Strategy. Tony was previously CFO of Smurfit Kappa Ireland & Smurfit Kappa UK and has extensive experience in the area of Mergers, Acquisitions & Disposals. Schedule a 2-hour Business Review Session with Tony at to learn how your company can grow into a success story like AB Converters.