Every business needs advertising, and following a few basic rules will help you to develop an effective message.

It’s important to choose the right medium to get the most out of an advertising effort.


The first step is to set your objective. Are you trying to introduce a new product, for example, or counter claims from your competition? Or is your aim to announce a special promotion or price?

Next, define your target audience – what is the type of people you want to purchase your product or services?

Finally, identify the key benefit your business offers – the reason customers would want to buy from you: quality, service, price or some other motivator and see how to make Advertising work for you.

Every type of advertising vehicle offers pros and cons. In deciding which one best suits your goals, first assess your audience. What age group do your potential customers fall into? Are they male or female? What are their preoccupations and personal habits? Where are they most likely to see your ad? In what context are they most likely to respond to it? Where, when and how often is the ad circulated and seen? In what language or languages is it published? Answering the questions above will help you to select the advertising medium best suited to your needs and budget.

Remember, if your ads are amateurish, badly produced or appearing in the wrong places at the wrong time, your product will be diminished. Here are some advertising tips to help you get started.

  • Keep it simple; advertising is often misunderstood, and you want to avoid this
  • Put your key message in the headline and avoid burying it
  • Colour advertising is often more effective than black and white
  • Avoid reverse type and unfamiliar fonts as this is usually hard to read
  • Use only high-quality photography and visuals
  • Illustrate your print ads with photographs rather than drawings
  • The larger the ad, the bigger the impact
  • The more frequent the ad, particularly on television or radio, the more effective it is without the levitra side effects
  • Ads on page one or inside covers generally reach more people
  • Placing an ad next to a relevant article about your product is an effective way to attract attention
  • The most effective ads typically show the product being used in someone’s hands
  • Use testimonials to build credibility
  • Highlight the benefits of your product rather than its features, and avoid criticizing your competitors

Being concise is important, but make sure people get the information they need to make a purchasing decision