Is Your Brand Part of Your USP?Your company’s USP (unique selling proposition) Is Your Brand Part of Your USP? fundamental aspects of your marketing. It’s the unparalleled features and benefits that your customers derive from doing business with you, unmatched by any other competitor.

Branding has almost the same definition – the unique identity for your business, which is entirely different from your competitors and which creates a positive feeling for your customers when they do business with you.

Despite these similarities, many businesses neglect to formally make the company brand part of their USP. USPs are frequently filled with phrases like “fastest, best value, most features, etc” but rarely take into account that a certain percentage of customers will simply do business with the company because of the brand.

Each time a thirsty traveler reaches for a Coke instead of an off-brand cola at a lower price, the brand was part of their USP decision. Every time a car buyer drives off the lot with a Lexus instead of a comparably equipped and priced Acura, the brand played a factor. Each time a teenager bugs his parents for a pair of Nikes instead of Asics, brand was critical to the decision.

Ultimately, the brand may be the tipping point for customers who are comparison shopping – shouldn’t you consider how your brand is part of your USP?