Help XM Solutions Win National AwardsEmerson Palmer of XM Solutions knew in 2006 that he needed help. His small local print shop of only 5 employees was growing rapidly, but uncontrollably and Palmer’s customer focus, although great for business, was leaving other areas of the company untended.

“As we grew so quickly, my focus was entirely geared towards the customer, our service and our relationship management,” says Emerson about his early years, “I discovered failings in my business approach to areas such as finance, financial planning, budgeting, cash flow management, strategy and general business structures.”

Emerson realized that he needed a strategic advisor and business confident to help plan a holistic map for his company’s future. He turned to and Strategic Mentor Joe Ryan.

Emerson and His TEam Winning the Deloitte Best Managed Companies AWard in MARch 2011

I was extremely fortunate in finding and Joe Ryan,” Emerson recalls of the early years, “He had an ability to understand quickly the issues my business faced and to educate me on the importance of the mechanics of maintaining and developing a strong and viable future-focused business.”

The Mentoring process paid off enormously and rapidly, as sales rose from €1.06 million in 2006 to €10 million in 2010, with Joe and Emerson working together to build Emerson into a well rounded and informed Managing Director, with an aptitude for strategy, budgeting, and human resources.

Emerson’s success has finally culminated in March 2011 when XM Solutions was named one of Ireland’s Best Managed Companies,  winning the coveted Deloitte Best Managed Companies Programme.

“From humble beginnings a few years ago, we are now the largest indigenous Print Management company in Ireland,” Emerson is proud to comment, “This award will allow us to build on our success to date and grow into the future.”

About Joe Ryan, Strategic Development Mentor,

Joe offers his clients more than 30 years executive level experience in the print and manufacturing industries. Starting as Managing Director with a Smurfit Kappa subsidiary in 1978, he went on to become CEO of Irish Paper Sacks in 1088, and CEO of Smurfit Corrugated Cases in 1994, before moving to Chairman of the Smurfit SCPMR division in 2002 and retiring from Smurfit in 2005.

Now Joe offers his vast expertise, knowledge, and guidance to SME business owners to rapidly grow their businesses in a sustainable way, despite the tough economy. Schedule a complimentary 2-hour Business Review Session with Joe or another of our experienced Mentors at