Helps Premium Brands Increase Sales 15%In the ever-changing world of health and beauty, Premium stands out at the forefront of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) with their “out of the ordinary” brands.  Premium’s 15,000 square foot office and distribution facility just outside Dublin is home to some of the most innovate brands in the UK, including St. Tropez, Yes to Carrots, ProActive, and Opi.

From early on, Premium was very successful and profiting from the boom in the Irish retail market. But in recent years, the market had changed and was becoming very challenging. Owner Attracta Burke felt that the company needed an outside perspective, but needed someone who was the right fit and could bring energy and expertise.

In Barry Brennan, Strategic Marketing and Business Development Mentor with, they immediately felt they had the right person; someone who would roll up his sleeves to get to know both the business and the sector, and make a difference in the business.

“Barry’s specific area was to grow sales and we needed a structured approach to our sales and marketing functions,” says Burke,“Barry brought this discipline and we benefitted from bringing processes and procedure to our sales functions. At first there was a bit of resistance but very quickly everyone bought.”

With Brennan’s assistance, the company increased sales by 15%, something Burke sees as just the start. More importantly for her, she reports that processes have taken the stress out of the sales process.

“Barry is a great sounding board to bounce my ideas off of,” says Burke, “And now our export project has begun and we’re excited about development.”

“I strongly recommend that any business should get a Mentor who will really get to know the business and team, and then roll up their sleeves and help grow the business.”

About Barry Brennan

A fellow of the Marketing Institute of Ireland, Barry has held numerous senior management roles with many of Ireland’s leading companies in media and retail/FMCG sectors, working with such well-loved brands as Wrangler and Adidas. As Managing Director of Johnston Press, he successful integrated 12 business units into a single cohesive business structure. Prior, Barry held the role of Group Marketing Director of Independent News and Media, providing strategic marketing support to global operations.

Brennan brings his wealth of marketing and operational experience to his clients, with a focus on innovative branding and rapid business development.

Schedule a 2-hour Business Review Session with Barry at to learn how your company can grow into a success story like Premium