Go to any corporate website these days and you’ll see it…

…a barrage of overused buzzwords. How did this happen? Many people anOverused Buzzwords in Businessesd companies, especially in the online world, think that if you can confuse them with extravagant words they’ll think you are smarter, and therefore, trust you and your product or service. The reality is that their eyes glaze over from the barrage of these pesky Overused Buzzwords in Businesses | Mentors.ie  and it benefits nobody.

The Main Offenders

There are many over-used business buzzwords. Here are a few of the tops ones, and what they actually mean.

Solution. Whatever product or service a company is trying to sell you, they will call a “solution”. This generic term also strips away any uniqueness a product might have. As such, a solution could be anything from satellites to coconut oil!

Robust. Traditionally used to describe wine, robust is a gaining a new lease on life from corporations who want you to know their products have a lot of “features”.

Enterprise. This means “company.” When sales copy is intended to flatter you, it will refer to your company as an enterprise. Well, unless you are Spok, you probably don’t have an enterprise; however, you may have a great and innovative company.

Realise. When you hear the word “realise,” you may think it means something akin to “understand” or “comprehend.” But, lately, it has fallen in to the business buzzwords rubbish bin.

Integration. If a company sells something that works with the things you already use, they will tout its integration. Of course, when you buy a product that lets you realize integration across your enterprise, well, you’ve got one robust solution on your hands.

Tools. This one is commonly confused with “solutions”; however don’t be fooled. Solutions can be comprised of tools. Tools, though, can never be comprised of solutions. Following? Good, that’s the power of business buzzwords in action.

Dynamic. When a manufacturer’s product does something in response to other things it is called dynamic. Sounds like something you might really fancy, huh? Well, you are in luck, there may be a few extra dynamic shoe horns for sale!

In the end, business buzzwords often are nothing more than fancy language used to convince other people that a product is better than it really is. After all, if it was a great product, it wouldn’t need all the business buzzwords.