SoLoMoThe marketing world never gets dull and 2012 has been a shining example of the ever-changing landscape in advertising.  The challenge each and every year is to keep old contacts and foster new connections.  Here are the top marketing trends we’re watching.  They can be described by one term, coined by Google’s Matt Cutts, SoLoMo.

Social. The social media craze continues as more and more people not only logon to Facebook and Twitter, but span out over an array of social media sites and wikis.  We know it can be a challenge to stay on top of even a couple of social media sites.  However, exploring others and realizing that customers may be in a different location than you expected will be make this a necessary trend to follow in the upcoming year.  Diaspora is a ‘anti-Facebook’ social media website that is taking off, while Google is pouring tons of money into Google+ in an attempt at drawing in those tired of the others.

Local. As many marketing executives push to reach out to the world via the Internet, understand that the bulk of most companies’ customer base continues to come from locals.  Even if a business has an International presence, don’t forget out those within in a 25-mile radius and gear some campaigns directly to them.  Special sales only offered to those customers or “Local Appreciation” discounts can keep a steady flow of nearby residents involved in your business.

Mobile. Audiences are grabbing their smartphones as a security blanket of media offerings.  Meet their expected needs and then go the extra step by offering them things they haven’t even thought of using yet.  Apps, texts, e-mails and more are right in their hands now.  Use mobile offerings to reach out and increase customer loyalty for those on-the-go or who use their mobile device as their primary source of technology.