I can only say that I am sorry I didn’t look for a Non-Exec Director on the Board some years ago and I would heartily encourage any private company to consider both the measurable and immeasurable benefits of having a Non-Exec Director and/or Mentor on the Board.

– Kevin O’Connor MD, Colourtrend


Image Supply Systems

Barry’s input on the commercial side of the business has been great, not only from a strategic point but also on the execution of our plans. I would recommend any business with an ambitious commercial agenda to take on this level of expertise.

– Niall O’Callaghan, Managing Director, Image Supply Systems


Lagan Group

Having Tony’s insight and experience has been of great benefit to me and my team. We have been able to draw down on this and it has shortened the learning curve for us and benefited my team by delivering greater business impact.

  – Jude Lagan,  Lagan Group


AB Group Packaging

Mentors.ie is simply one of the best things our company has done to-date. It provides a catalyst for rapid change and growth. Structure, stability and speed have become signature themes of our group.

– Dermot Brady, CEO, AB Group Packaging


Mentoring Paves the Way to Success

The personal benefits for me working with Joe has resulted in a more rounded and informed Managing Director with an aptitude for strategy, budgeting, human resources and the importance of finance.

– Emerson Palmer, MD of XM Solutions


Dublin Meat Company

Tony’s strategic planning was invaluable. He helped us develop plans for expansion, and kept us on course to grow the business. Today, the Dublin Meat Company is doing a booming business, despite the tough economy and the family is considering expanding again. Business mentoring isn’t a luxury in small business; it’s a necessity. Family businesses especially need a strong mentor to provide an objective opinion.

– Brian O’Leary, Managing Director, Dublin Meat Company

Dublin Meat


I have much increased customer care and have client awareness procedures in place. Everything I do now in relation to the customer is geared towards giving them a fantastic service and motivating them to return to us in the future.

– Kevin Flynn, MD, ICreative



Mentoring has given me the business confidence to develop my start-up business. It has given my business credibility when speaking to new clients. I can now be identified as a business with technical experience in my industry sector as well as having the backup of a very experienced business mentor. This type of business start-up support is invaluable in helping me immediately identify and correct any issues, misinformation or inappropriate methods when executing different strategies.

– Liam McBarron, MD of EcoSense


Other Testimonials

What I valued was having a sounding board; the ability to talk things through; getting objectives observations and sound help with planning to various issues and opportunities.

CEO, engineering company


Working on the company’s strategic plan was in itself a great experience but having a Mentor there to help on the execution made all the difference and both the team and I were left with the learnings of the process.

– MD, manufacturing company


Having this objective view and sectoral experience has really strengthened our team and given a new rigour to our monthly management and board meetings.

– MD, healthcare company


The combination of a structured process, new skills and excellent facilitation made our strategic review an undoubted success. As a team we are now clearer on our individual and collective objectives and we are looking forward to reaching our agreed vision.

– MD, consumer retail chain


I have used Mentors.ie as a really robust resource to think about innovative ways to not just incrementally augment what we do, but to think differently about how we do it.

– CEO, packaging company


Very helpful as we start to not only put together plans, but to actually execute tactics against them.

– CEO, manufacturing company

Our clients are progressive businesses looking to grow their organisations


The inclusion of a mature, experienced, and capable Mentor is critical for any successful company. For business owners, the issue has always been finding the right person to fit your business and to complement your existing leadership team. Mentors can assist you in your search and find the match you need.

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