Good Business MentorImproving business performance can be difficult to achieve, particularly if you’re going it on your own.

Even seasoned CEOs can struggle with performance improvement. Working with a business mentor might be the right answer – a good mentor can offer tremendous value and help make needed improvements, identify other areas where improvements are needed and guide you through the process. What exactly does a good mentor bring to the table, though?

Don’t Confuse Mentoring with Coaching or Management Consulting

Quite a few people confuse business coaching and management consulting with business mentoring. They’re different things, though. Business mentoring focuses on the development of individuals who already have robust technical skills, but require help in other areas. Business coaching focuses on revealing hidden knowledge and capability within an individual, while management consulting is about the consultant, not the client.

Mentors Are Teachers

Perhaps the most significant thing to understand about a good business mentor is that he or she is a guide and a teacher. They help instil vital knowledge, skills and understanding within individuals in the business, giving them the tools to become more successful and more valuable to the company. They help build up a person through training and example. They teach, they guide and they encourage.

What Benefits Will You See Working with a Business Mentor?

Working with a mentor offers mentees a broad range of benefits, several of which have been briefly touched on already. For instance, mentors offer the benefit of personal development. They can also offer mentees greater job satisfaction (which benefits both the mentee and the organisation). Further, they can help hone essential skills that the mentee will require in day-to-day responsibilities, interactions and functions within the organisation. Developing greater self-knowledge and self-confidence is yet another advantage that mentors can provide for their mentees.

In short, a business mentor facilitates both personal and professional growth by providing guidance, lessons, encouragement and discussion.

How to Identify a Good Business Mentor

Understanding the benefits of working with a business mentor is only half the equation. You also need to know how to identify one. Mentors can be found in many different areas, from contractors to professional service providers. However, if the mentor doesn’t demonstrate the following, you might be best choosing a different individual.

Any business mentor should have an honest desire to help others. Growth and development on both a personal and professional level should be his or her ultimate goal. Of course, the mentor should have a considerable breadth of experience in organisation operation and the business world in general, and they should also have in-depth knowledge of the mentee’s organisation in particular. Industry drivers, trends and customer/client motivations should also be well understood. Cultural differences should not pose a problem, and they should be adept at interpersonal communication as well.

Working with a business mentor can be the key to building your personal and professional skills, determining the ideal path forward and helping ensure that you are successful within your organisation.


SPECIAL GUEST BLOG by Barry Brennan, Marketing and Business Development Mentor,

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