We support Business Owners, Family Businesses, Directors and CEOs in Ireland by inspiring and instilling confidence to help them realise their full potential.

Mentor Services

Business Owners

‘Most businesses don’t work. The people who own them do’

Contrary to popular opinion the purpose of business is not to make money it’s to create a business that makes money. Can your business operate profitably and peacefully without your full-time input? If not, it’s likely you have a job rather than a business.

A Mentor will ensure that you begin to spend time working on your business as opposed to simply working in it. You may instinctively know this but find yourself getting sucked into the minutia of running the business. A mentor will not just provide you with advice on how to build a great business they will hold you accountable for doing so.

Mentor Services

Family Businesses

‘Succession for family businesses is key to longevity. 64% of Irish family business owners have no plans to pass on the management of their business to the next generation. Only 14% have a plan that is robust, documented and communicated.’

The best examples of businesses in Ireland are family businesses. They are also are some of the worst examples.

Poor communication is at the heart of every failed business, career and relationship. Nowhere is this truer than in the case of a family business. When communication is clear and aligned the businesses thrive and flourish. When communication is poor or non-existent it’s a recipe for disaster.

Mentors provide the objectivity and experience to distinguish between the different emotional, managerial and entrepreneurial issues that exist in every business, particularly in family businesses.

Mentor Services


The current economic and business climate demands greater emphasis than ever on the actions, behaviours and decisions of company directors.’

There is a clear onus on company directors to set and execute strategy whilst adhering strictly to rules of governance and to regulations.

Many boards of directors lack the structure, dynamism and objectivity to confront reality head on and yet remain positive. The intervention of an experienced Mentor can significantly impact the accountability, energy and results of your board.

Mentor Services


50% of a company’s reputation is created or lost by its CEO.’

An effective CEO is critically important to the success of an organisation. They set the vision, agree on the strategy, and execute it. A CEO with competence, character, and credibility breeds confidence through the entire business, bringing clarity, purpose, and energy.

Mentoring is a powerful intervention for enabling a CEO to transition from being good to great. There is little formal training for CEOs. An experienced and caring Mentor can bring out the best in a CEO through using the methods that best suit that development. Great Mentors provide many roles from advising to consulting, coaching and giving objective feedback.


The inclusion of a mature, experienced, and capable Mentor is critical for any successful company. For business owners, the issue has always been finding the right person to fit your business and to complement your existing leadership team. Mentors can assist you in your search and find the match you need.

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