Mentors - Dublin Meat Company

Dublin Meat Company

I began working with Tony Ritchie, Financial Mentor with Mentors, and focused on what the market was demanding quality products at lower costs. With Tony’s mentoring on organisational and strategic planning, the Dublin Meat Company quickly established themselves as a premium butcher offering wholesale prices in a retail environment and giving consumers the chance to buy 100% Irish beef, pork, bacon and lamb at up to 40% off supermarket prices.

The company expanded in 2008 with a new shop in Kinsealy and again later that year with a new location in Swords, tripling their market share at a time when families were starting to experience the global cash crunch.


The inclusion of a mature, experienced, and capable Mentor is critical for any successful company. For business owners, the issue has always been finding the right person to fit your business and to complement your existing leadership team. Mentors can assist you in your search and find the match you need.

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