Case Studies

Whether it’s driving sales performance, re-aligning strategies, commercial analysis, adding a non-executive director to your board or simply getting objective advice, there are so many reasons why organisations should use Mentors as a key tool for their business. Read on for an overview of just some of the companies we have worked with and what they are saying about us!

  • Bringing objectivity to the board

    “Having joined the Board of General Paints as the first Non-Executive Director in 2009, Tommy brought with him the fresh perspective and professional insight needed during a phase of growth and transition for the General Paints Group. As a family business for over 60 years, Tommy’s own familiarity with brand development and strategy implementation made a powerful impact on General Paints Group’s mission to safeguard their continued success through effective brand restructuring. Through acting as a trusted advisor, Tommy oversaw the multi-million jump in revenue between 2009 and 2019.

    His dynamic engagement and clarity of focus helped instill group confidence and in turn, presented the General Paints Group with an opportunity for internalization. Having expanded into US markets and set up foreign operations in California, General Paints Group – through their brand Colourtrend continues to identify not only as an Irish, but a global success story in the field of manufacturing. Through broadening horizons and lessening limitations, Tommy successfully cultivated­­­ a long-term succession plan, ostensibly tailored to the company culture of General Paints Group and in doing so, increased brand awareness at home and abroad”.

    – Kevin O’Connor, MD, Colourtrend.

  • Increasing productivity and morale

    “The guidance and experience was invaluable in helping us form a development strategy which now has us retaining our top staff members and has vastly increased productivity and morale amongst the entire organisation. It has been great getting this insight brought to the table ​”.

    – John McCarthy, Chief Financial Officer, Campion Insurance

  • Facilitating growth with structure, stability and speed

    “Mentors Ireland is simply one of the best things our company has done to-date. It provided the group with a catalyst for rapid change and growth across an array of sectors and business units. Structure, stability and speed have become signature themes of our group as a result of Tony’s guidance and leadership​”.

    – Dermot Brady, CEO, AB Packaging

  • Boosting sales in a family business

    “Working alongside Tony Ritchie of Mentors gave me the ability to accurately identify and focus on what the market at the time was demanding- top quality products at lower costs . Through Tony’s guidance and navigation around all aspects concerning organisational and strategic planning, we at Dublin Meats Company have capably established ourselves as a premium butcher, offering wholesale prices in retail markets.

    Through extending the opportunity to consumers to purchase the highest quality Irish beef, pork, bacon and lamb at up to 40% of the market price, our presence within this industry has expanded exponentially. Now operating out of 6 shops in various locations, we strive to continue the growth we have experienced to-date and are continuously looking towards opportunities for further expansion. Through onboarding a mentor, Dublin Meats has been able to triple our market share, whilst still retaining our values and reputation as a local, family run business”.

    – Brian O’ Leary, Director, Dublin Meat Company

  • Aligning trajectory with realistic goals and expectations

    “Having paired mentoring services with Neylons in 2015, Tommy’s guidance successfully aligned our company’s trajectory with realistic goals and expectations and , in doing so, increased annuals revenue by millions. Through dynamically engaging with our team, Tommy succeeded in bringing organisational formality and structure to our business landscape. By advising us to have a board in place, we have since been able to easily track our company’s growth through regularly reviewing our performance criteria. Tommy’s input and insights into strategic marketing, operational management and business strategy have served as pillars in upholding the professional remit of Neylons ​”

    – Sylvester Neylon, Managing Director, Neylons

  • Developing and maintaining company performance rhythm

    “Easyfix is a family run business that specialises in the production of rubber flooring, cubicle systems and an array of other livestock housing designs whose objective it is to secure animal comfort and welfare during transportation. Originally established in 1996, Easyfix sought the mentorship of Barry Brennan as a means of better developing and sustaining the ‘performance rhythm’ across all company business units​.

    Barry’s partnership started with devising and implementing a five year growth plan with the aim of doubling revenue and operating profit. Through Barry’s commitment to designing a highly tailored business development initiative, Easyfix is now exporting to over 50 countries worldwide and, in its fourth year of the growth plan, is set to exceed the targets and expectations initially outlined. Barry’s close cooperation with the Managing Director has helped with the management teams ability to clearly define the landscape and vision of the company as a whole and, in doing so, further build on the foundation of a successful and sustainable family business “.

    – Michael Earls, Managing Director, Easyfix

  • Driving ambitious commercial agendas

    “Barry’s input on the commercial side of the business has been great, not only from a strategic perspective but also in helping us execute plans. I would recommend for any business with ambitious commercial agendas to take on this level of expertise “.

    – Niall O’ Callaghan, Managing Director, Image Supply Systems

  • Creating impact through shortening the learning curve

    “Having Tony’s insight and experience has been of great benefit to me and my team. We have been able to draw down on this and it has shortened the learning curve for us and benefited my team on delivering greater business impact “.

    – Jude Lagan, Managing Director, Lagan Group