Running your own business means constantly facing complex issues, each with profound implications for your organisation and stepping into many different roles every day. Your resources are spread thin, competition is relentless and incoming challenges endure.

As leader of your business, it is simply not possible to candidly discuss with anyone involved in your organisation what your real feelings are, the challenges you face and the direction you want to go.


By having an accomplished Mentor who will be your sounding board for those critical decisions, you will regain the clarity you desire to bring your business to the next level. It is invaluable to have a source of unbiased advice and fresh perspective from those who have faced the same challenges before you.

That is the core to the Mentors – a confidential advisory group of peers that help you focus on what is most vital to you and your business.

Business Mentoring

Our Mentors’ team provides insight and understanding of your business brief, based on their own practical experience within relevant sectors and functions. We work with your business’ strategic vision, help deliver through formulating and executing the business plan.
One-to-One Mentoring

Successfully delivering your leadership goals more effectively. The mentors aim to provide an analysis of your business plans, be a sounding board for your decision making, assist in personal business development as well as helping you grow your company’s growth.
Chairperson & Non-Executive Directors

Chairperson and Non-Executive Director services to your board. Our mentors are highly commercial and have experienced a vast array of strategic business issues that are typically faced by a modern board.
Executive Coaching

Mentors helps senior executives and business leaders through executive coaching. The service is aimed at individuals within organisations who are CEOs and Managing Directors as well as for those who are stepping up to a greater leadership role within their organisation.